How to Meet Singles

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Finding it difficult to meet other singles interested in dating? Believe me, they are out there and many are just as keen as you to meet new people! The problem is that most of us lead busy lives – so you need to put in a little effort to meet potential dates.

To get you started, here are 10 ways to meet singles – some might not appeal but if you are keen to find a new partner, then try as many as you can.

  • Speed Dating
  • Online Dating
  • Parties/Singles Parties
  • Singles Events
  • Travelling or Singles Holidays
  • Social Media
  • Work
  • Introduction Agencies
  • Salsa or Jive classes
  • Sports or hobbies

Speed Dating

This probably needs little introduction. It’s a hugely popular way of meeting potential partners – and it works! If you don’t want to go alone, then ask a friend along and turn it into a fun night out.

Basically, the organisers get an equal number of men and women together and you spend around three minutes talking to each potential partner. Often the women remain seated at their tables while the men move around the room.

At the end, you make a note of anyone you liked and the organisers match you with people who’ve written down your name. You only spend a short time with each person so you avoid the awkwardness of a blind date where you don’t like the person at all!

Speed dating events are held around the country. To find venues near you, check out Smart Dating’s Singles Events Search)

Online Dating

Now one of the most popular ways to meet someone new and many dating sites have great search facilities to help you find a good match. Of course, some sites are better than others – so you might want to use Smart Dating’s Online Dating Comparison Tool which includes reviews of the major dating sites out there.

Parties or Singles Parties

Parties are a great way to meet potential dates – and cover everything from a late night drinking affair to Christmas parties, weddings or birthdays. (So, next time a workmate invites you to her Dad’s birthday bash, go along – you could just meet the guy of your dreams!)

If you can’t wait for an invite, organised Singles Parties take place regularly up and down the country. Don’t be shy – everyone there is looking for the same thing you are.

Singles Events

Okay folks, this is where you get to pick your poison! There are countless singles events available – from bowling nights or casino lessons to wine tasting and even Wii contests! Choose an event that appeals and enjoy a fun night out with other people looking for a new relationship. It’s relaxed and light hearted – with no awkward silences.


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Travelling/Singles Holidays

Many people going on holiday hope they’ll meet someone new and start a relationship but if you’re looking for singles, make sure you choose a spot that’s lively. That way, you’re less likely to spend 10 days in a hotel full of parents with children!

If you don’t have anyone to go with, then consider a Singles Holiday. There is a wide choice available– from a lazy week on the beach to activity breaks like skiing or diving.

Social Media

If you’re under 35, you’re probably a seasoned Facebook and Twitter user already – but don’t just stick to family and friends.

Make contact with friends of friends and renew your friendships with people you knew at school or your first job. Join a Facebook group that fits in with your interests – there are groups for just about any topic you can think of.

If you meet someone you like in the uni bar or at a party, check if they are on Facebook (is the Pope Catholic??) and drop them a note to say ‘hi’.


Often a great way to find a new partner. You already have a lot in common – like work-related stuff, office gossip and so on. You can chat to someone at work on a regular basis and build up a rapport before asking them out.

But remember, if you work in a large office or busy high street store, you’re much more likely to meet someone than if you work in a small newsagent’s shop with two people nearing retirement age. (So if that’s you, then you might want to think about where your career’s heading!)

Introduction Agencies

Provide a great way to meet new people and countless singles have met their match this way. If you’re concerned about safety or don’t what to trawl through profiles on a dating site, an agency gives you the chance to meet people who have been interviewed and chosen as a good match.

It’s not the cheapest way to find your true love but if cost isn’t a barrier then it’s well worth considering.

Salsa or Jive Classes

These are really popular – so look out for adverts in libraries, shop windows and on community notice boards about classes in your area.

Of course, not everyone there will be looking for a partner – lots of couples sign up too – but it can be a great way to meet new singles.

Sports and Hobbies/Interests

Think about joining a local five-a-side football team, signing up for the women’s darts team at your local pub – or check out the courses and classes organised by local councils and community groups.

Many are free or low-cost and they cover a huge range of topics and interests from archery and swimming to computers and cooking. You can start with Beginners Classes so don’t worry if it’s something you’ve never done before.

Of course, everyone won’t be single but you’ll soon find out who is available and who is not. Classmates often go out for a drink or have a coffee afterwards and there are sometimes organised events – such as a visit to an art gallery if you join a painting class.

But if money is really tight at the moment, don’t miss our tips on free or almost-free ways to increase your chances of finding a partner.

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